Children’s theatre productions are performed in Serbian, English and French language. The program listed below includes a performance and interactive workshop or workshop interaction with the characters, which enables children to creatively explore the variety of themes covered in the stories through drama, poetry, movement, music and visual arts. The activities are inspired by the stories themselves and their characters, as well as by cultures from which the stories come.
Performance 30 – 50 minutes Performance with interactive workshop 90 minutes (school age)
Performance with interactive workshop 60 minutes (preschool age)


The country mouse and the town mouse
Origin / Author: Greece / Aesop
Genre: fable
This is a witty story about a friendship between two mice and how they lived apart and then met again. Misko is a conceited gourmet with city manners and Miska, his school friend who lives in the countryside is kind, spontaneous and dedicated to nature and a healthy life style.
With journeys through the city and country landscapes and lots of interesting and unexpected encounters, this play encourages children to think independently about nature, society and a choice of a healthy life style.
Including songs and live music, this powerful and entertaining theatre performance is suitable for all ages.


Gentle people Origin/Author: Patagonian folktale
Genre: traditional
This is a Patagonian story which takes us back to the world of South African ancient woodlands, a long-forgotten world of simplicity, trust and kindness of the Gentle people who live in balance with nature. This fragile balance will be put to test when one of the Gentle people ends up wandering into the outside world. This peaceful group of people is then forced to make a difficult decision in order to save their way of life.
The clash between good and evil is explored through movement and mime and the narration runs simultaneously in Serbian, English and French.


Hansel and Gretel
Origin/Author: Germany / Brothers Grimm
Genre: fairy-tale
By combining funny and scary, with songs and live music, this classic tale enjoyed all over the world explores the issues of parenthood, growing up and family separation.




Zrika the mole and doctor Bocko
Origin/Author: Serbia / Gradimir Djurovic
Genre: fable
A poor-sighted and clumsy mole called Zrika is trying to overcome her fear of all kinds of illnesses with more than regular visits to her doctor Bocko, who is an imaginative and highly original hedgehog. A little girl called Mila who is looking for her lost birthday present, stirs up even more confusion forgetting the importance of good manners. Throughout the story, children are encouraged to overcome their fear of doctors. It is suitable for preschool age.


The Hermit and the Two Worms
Origin/Author: Philippines/ unknown
Genre: folktale
This ecological story takes us through the journey of two small worms who were given the opportunity to become people and save the planet, but have instead made a choice to become two corrupted, selfish, greedy and light-headed creatures. Wise and witty words of the Hermit convey powerful ecological messages through songs and poetry. Suitable for children 6-10 year old.



The Fifth Witch
Origin/Author: Serbia / Treehouse creative team
Genre: fairy-tale
This funny play in rhyme combines puppets, marionettes and storytelling.
A light-headed king, always eager to have fun, organizes a party on Halloween in order to find the funniest and the most skilful witch. But witches are not always fun, let it be known to everyone… Suitable for all ages.


Town Musicians of Bremen
Origin/Author: Germany / Brothers Grimm
Genre: fable
This is the story about a donkey who wants to change his tiresome life by setting off on a journey where he meets new friends and discovers his talents. On their way to Bremen, the city of joy and street musicians, this merry crowd meets the challenges of the great unknown world and manages to outsmart a dangerous gang of robbers. With songs and live music, this production is fun for everyone.



Annie the Crocodile
Origin/Author: England / June Crebbin
Genre: fable
This is the story about a lonely, young and selfish crocodile called Annie who doesn’t like to share anything. When she finally gets invited to a birthday party, Annie does not hesitate to show her real face by taking all the presents for herself. The other animals do not like this behavior. By the end of the story Annie will learn how nice it is to be appreciated and learn to give as well as receive, because friendship is what really matters.


The Last Dragon
Origin/Author: England / Edith Nesbit
Genre: fable
A broad-minded and confident princess and a confused prince set off to look for the last dragon, wishing to prove that courage and individual effort is what is more important than regular courtly ceremonies. Their encounter with the dragon turns out to be a very unexpected adventure.
With puppets, storytelling and actors, this is an entertaining and powerful piece of theatre suitable for school age children.



Anansi, the Spider-man
Origin/Author: South America / unknown
Genre: folktale
A series of traditional Carribean stories about Anansi, a magical Spiderman.
These stories depict some of the many sides of his character, showing him as scheming and treacherous at one moment, and generous and playful at another.
With the rhythm of exotic drums and lots of adventure encounters, these tales are loved by children of all ages.


Amelia Bedelia
Origin/Author: USA / Peggy Parish
Genre: story
Amelia is a kind and cheerful housekeeper, always eager and ready to do any house chores.  Amelia repeatedly misunderstands various commands of her employer and always takes figures of speech and various terminologies literally. Lost in translation and ambiguity of words, she always seems confused. Amelia is a character who brings everyone to laughter through her gestures, movement and funny use of language.



The great cockroach race
Origin/Author: Serbia / Gradimir Djurovic
Genre: satire
When the lights go off and people go to sleep, a hilarious cockroach race begins and all the contestants are determined to win at any price, especially because the winner gets to use all the bread crumbs from the cupboard as a reward. With lots of dance and movement and great storytelling, this witty and dynamic play is a real attention grabber.


Why mosquitoes buzz around our ears
Origin/Author: Philippines / unknown
Genre folktale
The mighty crab king holds his assistant sheriff and all the animals who live on the beach in total obedience and fear so that they all have to listen to his orders unquestioningly. The smallest and the bravest mosquito confronts him and manages to outsmart this shrewish king. This light-hearted interactive musical is fun and educational, teaching us the importance of cleverness and bravery compared to greed and violence.



Lady and the Tramp
Origin/Author: USA / Walt Disney Production
Genre: fable
Lady and the Tramp is an interactive musical performance. Songs are written in rich poetic language, speaking about love and the advantages and disadvantages of different lifestyles.
Tramp is a stray dog activist who fights for freedom rights and Lady is a fine and
well-behaved house dog.
There relationship gets tangled between their love and unexpected circumstances at home and on the streets, where there is no freedom for dogs.


Jack and the Beanstalk
Origin/Author: USA / Pleasant Despain
Genre: story
This is a timeless tale of action, justice and change where we learn about the giant’s cruel treatment of Jack’s family before this tale as we know it, begins.
With music, rich scenography and wonderful characters, this story takes us on a journey full of challenges, fearful experiences and triumph.



Elves and the shoemaker
Origin/Author: Germany / Grimm Brothers
Genre: fairy tale
This famous fairy tale explores the issues of poverty and kindness.
It has been made into a powerful performance piece which uses rich poetic language, recorded narration and music, live music and movement. Our production enables young audiences to experience theatre and also provides a springboard for teachers to explore more in-depth literacy work around storytelling, looking at the significance of fairy tales and the importance of making a positive contribution.


The Sun Goddess
Origin/Author: Japan / unknown
Genre: myth
In an old Japanese myth about the disappearance of light and the search for it, we are being gifted with dazzling thoughts about the secrets of being, destruction and creation. Through contrasts, traditional symbols and subtle narration we are gifted with the experience of finding the important, ever-lasting and fundamental values of our world: the mirror represents truth, the sword – courage and the precious stone- sympathy. The search goes on, for all of us who really heard this story.
Suitable for primary school children.



Workshop ’Shimmering’
A visual arts and music workshop ’Shimmering’, about the significance of natural light, energy saving and environment preservation through storytelling and designing of the lanterns out of recycled materials.