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The boy and the girl want to buy a second special gifts for Christmas sacrificing valuable. In the distant Lapland happy elves with music and dance packaged various gifts and Grandfather Frost reveals the meaning and magic of the donation.


Events for November

29.11.-FUNDAY SUNDAY Podzemlje- Orpheus and Oridika

Our special guest is Tony Gouveia from London (Community Director Immediate Theatre London, UK), who has been collaborating with Treehouse since the founding in 1991 in London.

Tony & Jelena will take us through to the Underworld telling us the story of Orpheus and Eurydice, and children and young people will have the opportunity to take part in the Voice and Rhythm workshop, visual arts workshop and face paint will be available as usual. The program is suitable for children over 4 years old and young people as well as parens / carers.

Ticket price: RSD 500.00 for one child + each subsequent child receives 10% discount on tickets


27.11.-ŽURKONCERT Group Belgrade and DJ San Suu Kyi

Concert Group Belgrade on the occasion of issuing new album, half and half. The rest of the evening will entertain you DJ San Suu Kyi (front girl group XANAX) and RASTADROID (also known as Neveselin Mrgudović) that that night celebrating his birthday 55TI

The concert lasts from 22h to 02h

Come by the party



21:11. / 22.11.- Wisdom and Shamans

Wisdom and Shamanism

*** A two-day seminar with the initiation ***

Shamanism is the earliest spiritual practice known to humankind. He shows us that everything in existence is alive and has a soul. Shamanism teaches us first of all that we are part of Mother Nature. Shaman is a walker between worlds, the mediator between this and other mysterious reality, which helps us to experience them yourself.
Participants of the two-day seminar “Wisdom and Shamanism” will be introduced into the world of shamanism and trained how to use the ancient principles of the modern world and everyday urban life.


Ancient Wisdom of Modern Shamanism

Seminar Leaders:
Nagual Uchu (Uruguay):
Nagual Uchu learned and practiced shamanism mostly in Mexico, Peru and Brazil. He was a part of Carlos Castaneda’s circle and he worked closely with Merilyn Tunneshende (the nagual Woman from don Juan’s circle). He spent years travelling all around the world, living among African and Siberian shamans, gaining rich experience in working with energies. He combined and integrated ancient knowledge and techniques into Urban-Modern Shamanism which is applicable in 21st century in our everyday lives.

Tadeja Škorja (Slovenia):
A gifted dreamer from childhood on she discovered new worlds in dreaming realities through shamanic ceremonies when she formed a friendship with nagual Uchu and started training with him. They have been working and practicing together for the past 4 years, organizing seminars and workshops throughout Europe.

Workshop Program:
Shamanism is the earliest spiritual practice known to mankind. It shows us everything in the Existence is alive and has a soul. We are part of Mother Nature, not standing over and above it. A shaman is a walker between the worlds, a mediator between our known reality and other mysterious realities, helping us to experience other realities for ourselves.
Uchu will introduce you into the world of shamanism and modern shamanism, adapted to 21st century way of life. He will lead the participants in a series of experiential exercises such as:
- Journey into the Lowerworld to meet your Power Animal
- Awareness expansion exercises
-Ceremonies for stopping the world/inner dialogue
- Exercises for seeing aura (if time allows)
-Lucid dreaming and Shamanic dreaming
- Freeing yourself from your programming/robotic self, becoming the one you were ment to be

Special moment:Uchu connects to the group, reads the energies of the group and adapts the programs according to the people attending the seminar.
Tadeja will share her dreaming experience with you in a lecture “Introduction to Shamanic Dreaming”. What is shamanic dreaming, why practice it and what precious insights and changes it can bring into your life. You will be given tools and simple exercises to achieve regular lucid dreaming and further on also shamanic dreaming.


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Dear friends, VisAntiqua is back again , taking us on a journey through mid century Europe, from Spain, along France, Germany, England and Italy, all the way to old Serbia and the Balkans. For all of you who were upset for missing it, see you on thrursday!